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A beloved family member has been suffering from a stiff neck. She’s been applying heat and resting, and trying to undo the tension that has taken up residence in her body. I know she’s wondering if there’s a way to move just so in order to make it go away.

I suggested to her that maybe there’s a deeper meaning at play. Perhaps this literal pain in the neck is a reminder to look forward, instead of continuously looking back. She seemed open to considering that possibility as she shared some thoughts about her desire for a new chapter.


Or, how to discover your inner resilience.

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I don’t think I know a single person who has not been rejected at some point in their life. Rejection sucks, everyone knows it. It stings and makes you question everything about everything. It’s pretty darn near impossible not to take it personally, at first anyway.

I’ve faced a respectable amount of rejection in my life, and I won’t lie, I’ve sent a fair share of rejection in the opposite direction as well.

Below is a brief overview of some of my favorite rejection moments:

  • I have been laid off three times, once with only a few days of severance.

Kunu brings the wisdom.

There’s a hilarious scene in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall where the main character, Peter, played by Jason Segel, decides to take a surfing lesson. Paul Rudd is genius as Kunu, the washed up, spaced out, albeit extremely wise surf instructor.

The scene begins with Kunu reassuring Peter that “Kunu will be your instincts.”

Peter does his best to fully trust Kunu, as ridiculous of an idea as that might appear to be. Kunu’s philosophy on surfing is that one should not do or try anything. It is from this place that he launches into this memorable quote:

The less…

M82 Galaxy, remixed from the Hubble Legacy Archive from Flickr user Adam Evans (original photo here)

It’s been a while, almost two years now, since I had a semi-regular writing practice. Scratch that. A semi-regular sharing practice. I’ve been writing aplenty, but keeping my ideas hidden in the confines of my journal (I heart Day One), in emails with friends, and in tiny digital walled gardens, also known as Facebook groups.

I have your typical excuses: no one wants to read the crap inside my head, I don’t have time, where do I even post this thing, and isn’t there enough content in the world already?

Yes, maybe, no, I don’t know. No matter which way…

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design strategist + researcher, coach, fun. she/her.

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